Front-line IT professionals specialize in helping users. We specialize in helping front-line IT professionals.

Your Personal Reserve Team

When the tickets start rolling in or you’re waist deep in a major implementation, that’s when you and your colleagues need Tier 2 Support. While we’re happy to talk to your end users and customers, we can likely save you the most time by addressing issues and solving problems that you can explain but don’t have the bandwidth to resolve.

The Specialists and Deep Solvers

If your technology need is more complex than some investigation and a few configuration changes, that’s where SineWave Technologies excels. Let us dive deep into a design process, a vendor review, or an internal audit. We’ll give you a comprehensive, unbiased technical Tier 3 answer. We’ll build the right-sized solution for the challenge at hand.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Tier 2 Support: Real-World Examples from SineWave’s Clients

  • Refresh and renewal of third-party secure certificates
  • Changes to datacenter firewall configurations to meet changing business needs
  • Technical slideshow preparation for the executive leadership team
  • Server installation at remote facility without client IT staff
  • Root-cause analysis following a partial system outage
  • Firmware and core system updates

Tier 3 Support: Real-World Examples from SineWave’s Clients

  • Custom script development for backup management
  • Vendor negotiation for bill adjustments, service changes, and implementation timelines
  • Site-wide technology audit with end-of-life reporting
  • Creation of single-use data extraction tool for platform migration
  • Packet capture and statistical review to identify bottlenecks
  • High-level network design to support growth by acquisition