It’s not just the professionalism of paramedics: ambulances save lives because they respond immediately when called and move swiftly. At SineWave, our goal is to acknowledge your request as soon as possible. While we guarantee a response based on your contract level, we’re often working on your problem within minutes of that first call or email–or before you even know the problem exists.

Being fast doesn’t mean we sacrifice being thorough. Depending on the urgency of your need, we’ll engage the best resources on our team to address the issue at hand. And if you’d rather wait until the next business day, we’re happy to schedule it then.

SineWave’s response timeframes are based on a per-device, per-service, or per-project basis. You select the level of urgency you need and we do the rest.


15-minute response, every day of the year

Staffed monitoring service

All alerts manually reviewed

Client-accessible shift logs


15-minute response, Mon-Fri 8a-5p

2-hour response all other times

Automated monitoring service

Trained after-hours staff


4-hour response, every day of the year

Automated monitoring service

Next-day review of after hours incidents

Full coverage for after-hours response


Same Business Day Response

Work to begin within one business day

Automated monitoring service

Escalation available as needed