Murphy’s Law makes it clear: if something can go wrong, it will. IT systems have become utterly essential to many organizations. The highest possible level of safeguard is Business Continuity (BC): a plan to ensure that even if an entire facility (such as an office or datacenter) goes down, the company can continue to operate without a significant impact. But for many operations, the right level of planning is Disaster Recovery (DR): to make sure that there are sufficient backups, documentation, and procedures in place to get up and running again after a defined, predictable downtime period.

Disasters come in all kinds. When it’s Mother Nature, there’s usually not much to do but evacuate and hold tight. When it’s a cyberattack or other criminal action against your business, SineWave is ready to help with the recovery process.

But just as important as responding at the time of need, is thinking ahead. A written, printed DR plan that is kept in the hands of key stakeholders will be a lifesaver. Let’s talk about the disasters you anticipate (or the ones you haven’t thought of yet), and how you plan to react if and when they occur.