If the machines are always running, there must always be people who maintain and monitor the machines. That’s SineWave.

Everybody sleeps. And even when they are awake, your IT team is mostly focused on the meeting they are in or the problem they are currently troubleshooting. That’s why SineWave provides remote monitoring services with engineers on hand 24x7x365 to analyze patterns and respond to issues.

In fact, we often know about problems in our clients’ networks before they do. Smart telemetry is one of the best ways to ensure that issues are caught early and resolved quickly—instead of your customers being the ones to let you know. Here’s how we do it:

Network Architecture

We’ve designed a robust, multi-location, multi-carrier administrative and monitoring network. That gives us eyes on your systems from many vantage points across the Internet, so we know what’s happening from every angle. We are well-equipped to observe, analyze, and act.

Discovery and Documentation

We love words as much as ones and zeros. That means we need to spend time learning about your environment and capturing every relevant piece of knowledge into an indexed, organized, electronic archive. Maintaining these records is what ensures we understand what we’re monitoring.