Staying on top of what has to be done is both art and science. Let us help your team get more done by supporting, tracking, and assisting where needed.

Accountability Means Progress

IT projects tend to run over budget and past the schedule. About a third are abandoned entirely. The answer to this dilemma is to hold people accountable: regular calls, routine emails, and employee-accessible documentation that work is getting done.

At SineWave, our approach to project management is collaborative, but we also know that your team is busy with the day-to-day of user issues and surprise maintenance. Let us help you stay accountable, and take tasks off your plate where it makes sense.

The Right Amount of Planning

Almost all projects suffer from a lack of up-front planning. If there’s much more than a conversation or few notes on a piece of paper, that’s more than is typical. As for the rest of projects, too much planning is often the issue. Every detail is specified far in advance of when it could be known, paralyzing the effort and preventing anyone from truly starting.

Our philosophy is that plans matter, but adaptation is important. We write down what we intend to do, but we keep it updated as the work progresses. You need a plan for your project. Give us the chance to help you dream, design, and do.

“Worry about being better; bigger will take care of itself. Think one customer at a time and take care of each one the best way you can.”

– Gary Comer

Small Projects Tackled By SineWave

  • Selection, implementation, and support of a custom syslog server
  • In-place, zero-downtime upgrade of legacy firewall codebase to address a vulnerability
  • VPN tunnel turn-up and tuning to support low-bandwidth backup and replication
  • On-site implementation of automated failover between primary and auxiliary systems

Large Projects Steered by SineWave

  • Transition of multiple sites from an existing network carrier to a new network carrier
  • Company-wide transition from custom-built software to commodity product, including data transfer
  • Complete overhaul to replace single-tier backup system with multi-tier, virtualization-aware backup
  • 30+ location network design to support telephony and secure point-of-sale systems