The flow of information is the lifeblood of any modern business. When data moves as intended from start to finish, the business thrives. When there is congestion, redirection, or network failure, the company struggles. Designing your network to meet your needs may be the most important task for the IT department. That’s why network design is at the center of what we do at SineWave.

LANs and WANs

The Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide-Area Network (WAN) are terms that go back decades. But more than ever, the required capacity, performance, functionality, and reliability make LAN/WAN design far more crucial. Do you need internal or external redundancies? Collapsed core or three-tier? Extension via VXLAN, EVPN, or VRFs? How will you segment your space, divide up your bandwidth, and protect your endpoints? These decisions are crucial. Don’t make them alone.

Public vs Private

How you position your network in the public sphere is part of your network design. If your services should be available to a general audience, you’ll want domain names, Internet-routable addresses, and browser certificates. You may want to work with caching providers or multi-point networks to improve end-user experience.

And what about partners, vendors, and employees? Their access to your network must be designed as well, perhaps over multi-factor authenticated secure channels, dedicated VPN tunnels, or private point-to-point links. Whether you’re broadcasting or keeping information confidential, let us help you with your network.

Dynamic and Automated

The network must be fast, but it must also be smart. That means adapting to changes with smart, flow-sensitive technologies and protocols like GLBP that adjust to changing network conditions. Or it may mean working with a vendor for an SD-WAN solution to optimize routes and support multiple endpoints in the same physical location. And of course, automated also means instant protection against huge spikes whether they are caused by DDoS attacks or resource problems.

Give SineWave a call to build a network with the intelligence your business needs require.