How much faster could you solve a problem or answer a question if what you needed had been documented? Save hours of time and write it down.

IT Professionals love knowing things. They’ve memorized dozens of passwords and hundreds of obscure technical facts. Specialized knowledge and experience is the source of their value. When your team is focused on a problem, communicating in the language of technology, they can run like a well-oiled machine.

But of course, that rarely happens. There’s too much going on minute to minute for most sysadmins and network engineers to be able to do the deep work of digging into an environment and capturing what’s relevant. That’s where SineWave shines: discovering what you have, and documenting it so others can learn from our effort.


Like archaeologists going into a jungle temple, our first step is to discover what you have in place. Often, mission-critical systems were set up years ago by employees who have since left, and today no one has any idea how they work. This is where we begin.

Once we’ve been deep inside your environment, identifying what exists, what works, what’s broken, and where the risks might be, we’re in a better place to support you. And best of all, we don’t just visit: we take notes. Discovery leads to documentation, and documentation gives everyone the power to make informed decisions about what’s next.


On countless occassions, clients have called us to ask if we have a password for a system they forgot they had. They want to know if we have an archived configuration file, or if we can tell them the last time a change was made. More often than not, the answer to this frantic phone call is “yes.”

Our commitment to documentation is to write down what makes your systems different. Software versions, configuration settings, addressing schemes, known issues, opportunities for improvement, and more. Whether you use us for professional services or you rely on the information we captured, having the data will make the difference whether it’s an emergency or simply the opportunity to plan ahead.