The undisputed king of the virtualization market is VMware. According to third-party sources, there are millions of computing clusters running on their products. SineWave builds, maintains, and updates VMware environments for clients, ranging from single-host units to multi-host clusters with advance features such as HA and DRS. Some benefits of VMware:

  • For small organizations, there is minimal direct cost for the platform, giving access to virtualization to the masses
  • Allows multiple servers to run simultaneously on a single piece of hardware
  • Includes features such as snapshots and exports to allow for easy migration and offline backups
  • Supports a wide variety of guest operating systems
  • Multiple host servers can be managed from a single interface through vCenter
  • Supports network-attached storage for true redundancy and near-instant failover
  • With the appropriate configuration, automatically balances resource utilization across a cluster to provide maximum performance