At SineWave, we’re committed to using open source software wherever it makes sense. That means Linux distributions for operating systems, freely available tools for monitoring, analysis, and management, as well as relying on the open source community for problem solving and innovation. The freedom afforded by sharing recipes gives us the ability to focus on the competitive advantages of speed, quality, and expertise. Let’s talk about which open source solutions might be right for you.

Free as in Speech

As the saying goes, the “free” in “free software” doesn’t refer to the cost, but to the freedoms afforded to the user. Software that is open source is free to be employed for any purpose, putting the power in the hands of those experiencing the software, not just those creating it.

The Right to Modify

A fundamental freedom of open source software is the right to make changes as needed. Unlike proprietary systems, we can modify an application or an environment to meet a specific business requirement. That can be as small as changing the user interface to as large as adding support for remote connections. No matter what is asked, the right to modify makes it possible.

Only What You Need

Unlike closed-source solutions, open source software comes with the underlying code. If you don’t need a feature or a module, it can be removed instead of simply ignored. This can increase efficiency, save on space, and reduce risks.