• Linux/Open Source – The world’s largest landscape of free-to-modify utilities and services is the right choice for many environments
  • Microsoft Windows – Love it or hate it, Microsoft Windows is the dominant player for end user computing
  • VMware – For millions of installations worldwide, virtualization means VMware
  • Hyper-V – Microsoft’s own offering into the virtualization landscape, optimized for their own product lines

We’re Agnostic

There are many fundamental operating environments in computing today. None of them have an exclusive lock on the market, because none of them are perfect for every situation.

Since our founding, SineWave has always been platform-agnostic. That means while we know some environments better than others, we’re not going to push you away from a tech stack that makes sense for your needs.

Show us what you’re doing. If it’s not the best way, we can help. And if there’s a better way, we can find it.

We’re Realistic

Wouldn’t it be amazing if an IT organization was fully committed to one platform with no one-off projects or random servers floating around?

The truth is that this never happens. Whether you’ve grown by acquisition or simply inherited something from a predecessor, your network is heterogeneous and multi-vendor. We’re not here to shame you, we are here to support you. And if that environment is due for an upgrade and consolidation, we will be happy to get the work done. If the budget doesn’t allow for an upgrade, we will help you determine how to best use the resources you do have.

We’re Focused on Results

There’s a reason to rely on vendors for your operating environment: it lets you get more done. That’s why we’d rather preserve and potentially upgrade than overhaul if possible. We’d rather rely on off-the-shelf tools instead of custom scripts and services. And while the latest tech is always fun to investigate, what we want is to get things done and done the right way.

If you need results, call us and we’ll help you evaluate your platforms, make changes as needed, and build the solution that works. SineWave makes IT work.

“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.”

Jim Rohn