Where will you place your critical infrastructure? When looking for a location, SineWave recommends the following checklist of items to consider:

  • Are there multiple tenants at the site who are also relying on the facility to protect their equipment and their data, or are you the only one?
  • Which Internet carriers have points-of-presence? The more there are, the more options you have.
  • How does the site handle physical access? Are there shared keys? Multiple doors? Alarms? Camera systems?
  • Does the location have 24×7 staff on site to provide security and emergency remote hands support?
  • How is temperature control and air quality managed?
  • Does the facility have fire suppression in place? If so, how is equipment protected in the event of water release?
  • What power options are available? Single or multiple feeds? Battery backup and/or generators? Single or three phase?
  • Does the complex offer shared racks, private racks, or private cages? Who else can touch your equipment besides you?

If these are questions you need help answering, reach out to SineWave today!