Which apps should you host elsewhere? The short answer is that if you need it to be more reliable and accessible than the place you work, then it shouldn’t be kept at the office. That goes double if you’ve got more than one location. Why try to maintain servers and systems at each branch when you can have a centralized operation to save on costs and simplify management?

Moving applications to a datacenter, colocation facility, or even to the cloud has several other advantages:

  • Consistent budgeting: you know what you will pay month over month, instead of surprise costs when systems break.
  • Security and access control: your critical data is kept in a place which is accessed by a keycard and passcode with full video monitoring, instead of closet down the hall.
  • Expandability and safety: Need more storage? More equipment? Or just want to be sure that the sprinkler system isn’t going to ruin your servers? Time to co-locate.

If you provide applications to your end users, customers, or partners, consider colocating with SineWave.