SineWave is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) founded in 2007.

When seeking assistance in managing your IT infrastructure you have countless options. Why choose SineWave? Our people and our philosophy make all the difference. SineWave’s team is both competent and experienced, but only pursues projects within our domain and our capacity. Other vendors may jump at any opportunity, but SineWave focuses on our core business: IT infrastructure consulting and implementation.

This is the basis of SineWave’s technical work: do what we know as well as possible, and always be expanding and refining our capacities. This is also the foundation of our role in the community and with colleagues and clients. We build relationships one at a time and spend as much time referring business as we do pursuing it. We treat everyone like a partner—directing them to the best resources, whether within SineWave or elsewhere.

Long-Term Relationships

The IT business may be moving at an incredible rate, but it’s not about to disappear. SineWave builds relationships and provides services for the long term. Any technology will require maintenance, so any relationship between technology providers and consumers should be one made to last.

A Reputation for Service

SineWave is known among its customers, partners, and vendors as a company committed to service. If you need a technology resource that will thoroughly research potential solutions, fairly weigh options for your benefit, and provide the best possible solution, contact SineWave today.