Experience…Beyond the Cloud

Expertise is in short supply. Too often the response is “we’ll fix it later.” Too quickly the answer is “stick it on that server.” Too late the news is “this hosting bill is unsustainable.” For quick-and-dirty solutions to your IT problems, a band-aid fix might be enough. But for long term, reliable improvements, trust a partner who has been there and back, with decades of experience in a rapidly-changing IT world. Choose SineWave Technologies.

Documentation makes the difference. At 2AM, minutes before the call with the CEO, or when planning your budget for next year, having detailed, up-to-date information about your IT environment is invaluable. Infrastructure is magic when it works, but terrifying when we realize that we don’t understand why it’s broken and have no idea where to begin to look for the answers. At SineWave, writing what we’re doing is just as important as doing the work. If you want systems that can survive the test of time, choose someone committed to documenting what you have.

Hardware. Software. Protocols. Interfaces. The world of information technology is comprised of the interplay of these four elements. No one can master everything, but a thorough understanding of each vertical gives engineers the power to work faster and smarter. Choose an IT partner that thinks big picture and precise details. Choose SineWave Technologies.

  • 24x7x365 Emergency Response Services from experienced engineers, for routine needs and for when your employees are asleep or away.
  • Exceptional training and documentation, which ensures better decisions are made and problems are resolved faster.
  • Efficient and friendly project management services to keep efforts running on time and within budget.
  • Compliance and security mindset, with a best-practice-first approach to configuration, implementation, and crisis response.
  • Top-notch technical advice on virtualization vs. containerization, and when to go on-prem vs cloud-based.
  • Local presence in multiple Indiana datacenters for mission-critical, hands-on hosting in a secure, redundant facility.
  • Devoted to Linux and Open Source software for key systems, internal tools, and more.
  • Best-of-breed third-party vendors for hardware and software.
  • Unafraid to customize, script, and develop one-off tools to meet unique customer needs.

Whether you’re facing an IT crisis, need additional resources, or want another point of view, SineWave is your partner.

We offer expertise and hands-on support for massive projects. We manage complex networks and solve issues that other teams can’t or don’t have time to solve.

Contact us today for a conversation about your needs.


Server vendors like Dell and HP, network equipment manufacturers such as Cisco, Palo Alto, and F5 Networks – Physical upgrades and replacements – Interconnect carriers including AT&T, Century Link, IFN, and more


Operating system stacks from Windows to Linux; server applications from SharePoint to Apache, and analysis tools from Solar Winds to Wireshark – Ready to learn any new software system


Networking expertise with automated failover and load-balancing through protocols like BGP, HSRP, and GLBP – Fine-tuning of IPSec VPNs and other security systems – Coordination of SPF,DKIM, and DMARC


Elegant, clear visuals and charts in all client-facing documentation – Custom development of monitoring and analysis services upon request – Organized, executive-ready project overviews and status updates